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Bobby E McKnight


Department of Computer Science

University of Georgia 

Contact Information

Email: bobby at bobbymcknight dot net

Office: 224 Hardman Hall (In the LSDIS Lab)


I received my graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science at the University of Georgia located in Athens, Georgia under the direction of Dr. Budak Arpinar(Major Professor), Dr. John Miller(Committee Member), and Dr. Liming Cai(Committee Member). My research interests are in the area of the Semantic Web and how it can be used in Bioinformatics. Specifically, this involves applying ontologies to biological information systems to enhance the query process and to provide higher quality results. I also have a great deal of interest in Computational Biology, Algorithms, and Theory of Computation.

Recent Publications

Bobby McKnight and I. Budak Arpinar. Linking and Querying Genomic Datasets Using Natural Language. The IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine 2012. Philadelphia, USA. October 2012

Samir Tartir, Bobby McKnight, and I. Budak Arpinar. SemanticQA: Exploiting Semantic Associations for Cross-Document Question Answering. Fourth International Symposium on Innovation in Information & Communication Technology, Aman, Jordan, November 2011.